Perse Studio

Independent-learning super-curriculum projects: reading, research and ideas shared by Perse students


This website highlights some of the excellent and inspiring independent-learning projects that Perse students have chosen to study and develop in their free time. Articles are deliberately kept concise, not only to aid quicker browsing but also to highlight that such independent-study projects can be both long and short to suit the time available. They are generally never ‘quite finished’ and always generate another ten avenues for further research; the important matter being the state of mind behind all of them that seeks out challenge, loves learning and always asks rather than avoids the difficult question.

To listen to some public commentators today, you might be forgiven for thinking that all young people are content to spend 95% of their free time sending banal tweets, posting to social networking sites or playing the latest video games and that all wider appreciation of self-driven learning has been long consigned to the pipe-dreams of those few naive teachers who have never really accepted the modern reality that surround them.

To listen to these views would be to accept that any learning of use has to be either covered in the classroom or delivered through tightly prescriptive homework because any non-allocated time will be frittered away, despite any best suggestions to the contrary.

So we hope then that this site serves as a refreshing reminder of the very best that a good education has to offer: independent minds following freely chosen and creative interests and challenges.

‘Super-Curriculum projects’ are all about taking a spark of interest from the curriculum and developing it freely through wider reading and active project tasks/writing to achieve a depth of outcome that goes far beyond where the standard curriculum fare would end.

All of these projects, whilst no doubt encouraged on their way in many cases by supportive subject teachers, have been entirely constructed and driven by the student concerned. We aim to highlight work from across all yeargroups to show that the truest learning has always started where the classroom and the homework ends, no matter your age. If an education is proving worthwhile then give a pupil an evening, a weekend or a whole summer holiday and see what s/he will do with it!