Student Projects

Independent-learning super-curriculum projects: reading, research and ideas shared by Perse students


Perse Studio seeks to showcase the highlights of student research and super-curriculum projects, and staff research at The Perse School.

We hope Perse Studio serves as a refreshing reminder that if you give someone an evening, a weekend or a whole summer holiday, you can see what s/he will do with it!

Student research

At The Perse School students are taught research skills and then provided a range of research opportunities [insert hyperlink back to independent study page on school website] to put these skills into practice. Throughout the school there are research programmes culminating our prestigious Sixth Form Research Programme, from which several projects get published every year. Highlights of our student research projects can be found here. [insert link to student projects tab on Perse studio]

Student super-curriculum projects

‘Super-curriculum projects’ can be by pupils of any age in the school. They are all about taking a spark of interest from the curriculum and developing it freely through wider reading and active project tasks to achieve a depth of outcome that goes far beyond where the standard curriculum would end. All of these projects [insert link to student projects tab on Perse studio], whilst no doubt encouraged on their way in many cases by supportive subject teachers, have been entirely constructed and driven by the student concerned. We aim to highlight work from across all year groups to show that the truest learning has always started where the classroom and the homework ends.

Staff research

Just as the students as supported and encouraged to participate in research projects on a regular basis, so are teaching staff at The Perse School. There are a wide range of programmes through which educational research is supported, which are outlined below. Highlights of some of our staff research can be found here. [insert link to staff research tab on Perse Studio]

Teacher Induction

All new teaching staff conduct an action research project during their first four terms at the school as part of their induction programme. These projects are usually classroom-based and are shared with colleagues through departmental meetings or the annual INSET event: Twilight Research.

Perse Research Award

Every year, the school supports a number of more detailed or larger research projects through the Perse Research Award. These projects are often broader in scope, contributing to the pupil experience across the whole school. The school provides a modest financial reward for staff completing the Perse Research Award.

Research Twilight

Once a year, the school organises a staff training event to showcase the educational research projects that have been completed that year. The after-school event allows teachers from across the school to present their research to colleagues and discuss new approaches for the year ahead.

Postgraduate Masters

Several teachers at The Perse have undertaken part-time study towards Master of Education qualifications. Often the second year of a Masters programme will involve an extensive research project. The school may offer financial support or timetable remission to staff undertaking such research.

Whole School Research

Teachers from across the school have collaborated on a number of larger research projects, involving classes from different year groups and a range of different subjects. This research has been used to inform and guide policy decisions, such as the homework timetable at the Upper School.