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Advent Of Code Programming Problems

Daniel C, Y9

After solving day 13 and day 17, of this year’s Advent Of Code programming problems (, I thought it would be nice to create a visualization of my two solutions. For Day 13 this shows minecarts moving around and crashing. I obviously had to slow the calculation thread down though (added 20ms delay per move), otherwise it would have been way too fast to see.

To achieve these visualisations, I used javax.swing.JFrame classes with Java programming. Each step of the calculation I just called Thread.sleep(20); and painted the 2D array of tracks to the screen. I downloaded a free recording software and cropped the screen to fit the JFrame, then recorded and exported as an mp4 video.

For Day 17 with the flowing water water, I used white for sand, black for clay, solid blue for settled water and dotted/flowing blue for flowing water.














​I hope you enjoy them both!

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