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What makes Provence distinctive?

Matthew F, Year 7

In this essay I will be talking about the different features that make Provence distinctive. I will look at three main things; its history, its culture and its geographical landscape. Afterwards I will compare these features to other places I have been to. Hopefully by the end of this essay you will share my belief that Provence really is an incredible, fascinating and intriguing place with so many hidden wonders that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else in the world.

Provence has a fascinating history as it has been influenced by so many cultures and countries. Provence has been in invaded many times. Even Before Provence got invaded by the Romans it had been inhabited by the Celts in nine hundred BC and then invaded by the Greeks in six hundred BC. However in the second century AD Provence got invaded by the Romans and the most famous architecture and historical background from Provence comes from the Roman times. Just like many other areas it never stood a chance defending itself against the might of the Roman army. Intriguingly Provence was the first Province to be taken by the Romans outside of Italy. This gave the Romans plenty of time to leave their mark on the Provencal architecture and history.

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