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Should The UK Renew The Nuclear Deterrent Trident?

Rishi T, Year 8

From 1969 until now, beneath the sea there has been a submarine patrolling all of the world’s oceans. Its purpose – to protect Britain from a nuclear attack. However, the UK is facing the decision whether or not we should renew Trident. The Government will have to discuss all the advantages and disadvantages of renewing Trident. The cost, the maintenance, the possibility of using Trident and the people of the UK’s opinion. The final decision is to be made in 2016. This essay will discuss if Trident should have a place in Britain’s nuclear defence programme or if it should be decommissioned. At the end, I will give you my opinion on Trident’s effect on the modern world and if we should renew the nuclear deterrent Trident.

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