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Collection of Year 7 Mini Investigations

Gyan, Year 7

A Walking fish is a fish that can walk on land, using its special abilities. It’s a very evolved fish.  They make/find their homes on land and live there until they need to go back in the water for oxygen again.

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Ishbel, Year 7

In this essay I will be exploring Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman theatre. I will mainly cover Greek Theatre because Roman Theatre originated in Greek Theatre. I will cover Tragedy, Comedy, Satyr, festivals to do with the theatre, the actual stage and costumes and finally I will compare Greek and Roman Theatre.

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Aaditya, Year 7

Dynamic Infrastructure & Smart Technologies: A proposal for Cambridge Road TrafficDemand Scaling: this mini investigation attempts to analyse one of the biggest challenges of any growing city, Mobility. Road Traffic Congestion is the critical element of mobility.

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Matthew, Year 7

In this essay I will be talking about the different features that make Provence distinctive. I will look at three main things; its history, its culture and its geographical landscape.

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