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Hooke’s Law Computer Simulation

Alexandru M, Year 7 

Alexandru’s project involved modelling Hooke’s Law equations for spring extension by programming a spring simulation on the Scratch website.

Hooke’s Law equations for spring extension

Below are the equations for spring extension under the action of a weight:

i = initial length (cm). The initial length is the original length of a spring with no weight applied on it.
e = extension per Newton (cm/N). The extension per Newton is how much a spring extends for every Newton added.
m = mass (g). Mass is the amount of grams applied to a spring that makes it extend.
G = weight (N). Weight is the force of gravity corresponding to a mass. On Earth:
G = m * 10
X = extension (cm). Extension is how much a spring extends from its initial or previous length.
X = G * e
L = total length (cm). The total length is the length of the spring when it has been extended.
L = i + X

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Please click on the link to see my spring simulation on Scratch:

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