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Nuffield Crest Award Submissions

Several Sixth Form students completed independent and original scientific research projects over the summer under the supervision of a mentor from academia or industry.  All the students were successful in attaining a Gold CREST award for their work, and three students completed the projects by securing placements through the prestigious Nuffield Foundation scheme.

The following are examples of Lower Sixth submissions (posters) for this year’s Gold CREST Awards:

Alexei C: Gene-to-disease dataset merge and analysis for neurodegenerative diseases in the context of autophagy

Alex L: Semi-nested PCR for saturating coverage of shotgun libraries from cfDNA

Anokh V: An Introduction to Composite Materials: Test Standards, Procedures and Material Property Prediction

Ji X: X-ray Variation in Einstein Cross (Q2237+0305)

Tom L: Inverted Mechanical Pendulum

Salvador B: Molecular cloning of human Tropomyosin genes into new vectors (toward artificial platelets)



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