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Complete Benonese – An Entirely Fictional Language

Benjamin de A., Year 10

Firstly, Benonese is an entirely fictional language. I took the challenge of inventing a new language because, frankly, I had the time. This book is designed for leisure study, and in the real world proves practically useless. This also may inspire you to make your own language – as I created this as my hobby.

Benonese follows the pronunciation of many Indo-European languages, so for English speakers, this shouldn’t be too difficult to learn. It is difficult to practise this language with others as it is not widely known so one method of practising speech is to record oneself and play it back to achieve fluency. Pronunciation is completely regular when it comes to the indicative mood, but later on, in the subjunctive, knowledge of more phonetically challenging languages may be needed to master these sounds.

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