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Disneyland Roller-coaster Designs : Year 8

A number of Year 8 students visited Disneyland on a recent maths trip in which they studied the mathematics of various rides –  whilst sampling lots of them, of course!

On their return they worked in small groups to design their own new ride suggestions. In addition to mathematics, the students considered issues such as aesthetic design, capacity, and safety when creating their Disney-themed rides, which are available to view below.

Alice, Miranda and Weina chose a ‘Big Hero 6’ theme for their triple-drop roller-coaster, ‘The Big Flyer 6’.

Katie, Francesca and Georgina were inspired by a gap in the market for a ‘Monsters University’ when designing their roller-coaster.

Martin, Thomas, Ewan, Lewis, and Kilian proposed building on the success of ‘Frozen’ with their ‘Blizzard Dive’ roller-coaster.

The design by Dineth, Jaeheon and Yanni recognised the financial success of the ‘Toy Story’ series with their ride, ‘The Buzzatron’.

Sachin, Hari and Amith designed a Lion King ride, with two loops and a theoretical ride capacity of 1152 passengers per hour.

Sophie, Aoife and Francoise explored scenes from Aladdin in their creation, ‘Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Rollercoaster’.


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