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National Rail: ‘could IT be you?’ competition: Jennifer P, year 13

Jennifer writes about her entry in the national IT competition run by Network Rail which won her a runners’ up prize. Jennifer along with five other winners will receive two weeks paid work experience and mentoring with the company’s IT team.

I took part in the competition last year reaching the finalist stage so I decided to enter again this year. The competition was aimed at educating girls about the merits of IT as a career as very few choose to pursue this nationally. The competition appealed to me as I want to enter the field of engineering which faces a similar problem. For my original entry I had to write about a technology that could solve a problem I face in everyday life. Later in the competition I was assessed on other projects: I had to take a picture of ‘what technology means to me’ and explain my choice; design a system to improve an aspect of the railway system (capacity or customer experience); and invent a tweet and hashtag to inspire more people to become involved in technology. Throughout all of my entries, I focused on technology as a way to manage and organise my life and make it easier to be more productive, summarised by my hashtag #takecontroltech.


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