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The Macedonian Front in World War One, Zach T, year 7

“This year is the Centenary of the Great War and we have been remembering the horrors our ancestors had to go through. Currently there is an extremely high awareness of World War I and those who died fighting in it. In fact, this awareness seems to stretch to every point of our lives, even the adverts we see on television. But is that all there is to it, or are we missing something out?”

The above extract is taken from Zach’s essay on the Macedonian Front in the First World War, which he submitted for his optional year 7 mini-investigation. These investigations are an extension opportunity for students to enrich their learning based around a number of ‘bigger-picture’ essay choices or one of their own making. Zach developed his own question, basing his research on his Great-Grandfather’s experiences.

Zach’s Essay Submission

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