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Gene Therapy and Heart Failure, Amarthya C, year 7

Heart failure is becoming a huge issue in the UK affecting nearly 900,000 people. Dr. Alexander Lyon, who is a British Heart Foundation Senior Lecturer at the University of Cambridge, and an old Persean, came to talk about an exciting new breakthrough for heart failure patients using gene therapy. The data that has been collected so far seems very exciting and I look forward to reading his final conclusions. This also interested me as I lost my favourite grandfather to heart failure recently.

The above extract is taken from Amarthya’s essay on heart failure and gene therapy, which he submitted for his optional year 7 mini-investigation. These investigations are an extension opportunity for students to enrich their learning based around a number of ‘bigger-picture’ essay choices or one of their own making. Amarthya developed his own question, based on his family’s experiences and after hearing about cutting edge research at one of the school’s ’42’ lectures.

Amarthya’s Essay Submission

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