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Sustainable housing: is the meat house our future? Nicole G, Year 9

During the year 9 course of geography, we studied the topic of urbanisation, and within that the idea of sustainable living and housing. In lesson Miss Parker showed us a clip of Mitchell Joachim, an architect who talks about sustainable housing. However, instead of using conventional bricks or for example double glaze windows to keep heat from escaping, Joachim proposes that we grow our own houses; either from meat or plants.

Nicole, Year 9, researches an architect mentioned by her teacher:

The house, which he proposed to be grown from plant cells, is based on the ancient idea of pleaching, the conversion of inosculate matter into one vascular system, or the grafting/ shaping of trees together to form shapes or a structure. The idea would be to train the plant cells in geometric shapes to create a scafolding at first, but this is on a microscopic level, with the cells being pleached so they form the shape. The cell would then act as a wall, keeping water out, and retaining some insulation. Therefore the intention is that these types of houses are placed in warmer climates, where those plants can flourish, and where the houses wouldn’t have to be heated as much. The idea would be to pre-grow a village, which would take possibly 7-10 years, and then move people in. This kind of village would be all green, and it would be sustainable because the plants are part of the enviroment, they suck carbon, taking green house gases from the enviroment and not adding them.


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