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Bringing Aeneid Book 12 to life : Chloe W, U6th

After studying the Aeneid for our A2 Classical Civilisation module ‘Virgil and the World of the Hero’, our class decided to bring Book 12 to life. Each of chose a character, (or two in my case), and studied the text to find the key lines and pieces of action that we could use to create a fascinating and exciting dramatic piece. This was not only interesting but helped us glean a deeper understanding of Virgil’s ability and skill, as we had to really understand the characters in order to portray them accurately. After this, we set up the ‘stage’ and ‘backdrop’ in the classroom, using desks to show everything from city walls to a chariot in which Finlay as Turnus sat banging together two coconut shells in order to replicate the sounds of horse’s hooves. Once the set was complete, the Classics Department’s box of props was raided and costumes were fashioned, including a full robe a beard for Daniel’s portrayal of King Latium.

Now that our preparations were finished, we could finally get round to doing some actual acting, which Miss Sandwith both filmed and photographed in order to create the final video. Numerous scenes were chosen ranging from the treaty between Aeneas and King Latium, to the final epic duel between Aeneas and Turnus, which included a red tie being used to demonstrate blood gushing from the wound, a real piece of creativity from Finlay. Our imaginations were put to the test as we transformed everyday things, such as metre rulers, into ancient objects, such as swords, and we all thoroughly enjoyed being able to interpret the text in our own way. Overall, this project allowed us to think outside of the confines of the text and bring the characters to life, pretty impressive for a text that is over 2000 years old!



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