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Comparing Napoleon and Hitler: Kirill N, Year 7

A few years ago I read Simon Scarrow’s trilogy about Napoleon and since then I have been fascinated by his life. World War II and the people involved in it is a subject which I have been interested in since the age of 4. So now when thinking on what to do a research project about (for a Year 7 club), I came up with the idea of comparing Hitler and Napoleon.


I wasn’t expecting to write a lot because soon I ran my own knowledge of both characters completely dry but certain books about the two were very enlightening and, of course, internetĀ sources came in handy. By the end of my project I was very suprised by just how similar Napoleon and Hitler were. I had started off only comparing them as military leaders but soon I expanded into the considerable similarities both in their empire structure and their day to day lives. I was also intrigued by Hitler’s treatment of Napoleon as a role model, perhaps a template for the many ghastly things Hitler went on to do.

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Kirill N, Year 7


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