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Physics motion engine : Graeme S, Year 11

After the relative success of my first programming project (a game called “Shooter”), I began to search for new project I could attempt. The flash game “Gravitee Wars” caught my attention so I decided to create a small physics simulation based on that. I was looking for a small project I could complete before being ripped from my computer by the oncoming storm of GCSEs.

The premise was simply, a ball and planets that would react to each other according to the laws of motion.

Unfortunately, much of the knowledge I needed would not be taught until A-level Mechanics, and so I had to gather the necessary information myself. Most of this research was done through the internet and through asking various Physics teachers regarding any areas I was stuck on. The program is only about 540 lines in total but works well although, as with all things, there is always more I could add.

Graeme S.
Year 11

Teacher note: the spin modelling here is particularly impressive, involving U6th Further Maths Mechanics.

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